Thursday, June 21, 2007

guatemala, ethiopian fancy coffee

This is a typical type of American coffee which is preferred mostly by the coffee lovers
For its rich quality and superb aroma. it has a mixture of spice and chocolate which is a splendid combination for a very good taste. Guatemala produces our favorite Latin American coffee. it is a genuine Antigua from the area around the picturesque former capital of country,guatemalas premier coffee growing region. the high altitude(5,000 to 6,000 feet) and the rich soil from the areas many volcanoes create conditions that are ideal for the production of top quality coffee. the temperature climate, with sunny days and cool nights, allows coffee to mature slowly which seems to concentrate the flavors.
The result is a cup of lively acidity and overtones of spice and chocolate.

It is a premier type of Africa –Arabia type of coffee. it is well know for its perfumy aroma. It is one of the world’s finest coffees. Coffee preference is always subjective, but many in the Coffee trade consider Ethiopian coffee as the best in the world. This coffee is full of flavor where we get a tangy, pungent brew with a lingering floral-almost perfumy aroma with an excellent taste.

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Its another most wanted type of coffee from signature blend. its creamy consistency
Covering a tangy core of pure coffee essence gives you a high rise of your day.
Espresso forte has the right balance between the earthy satisfaction of Indonesia
And Papua coffee and the brightness and spiciness adds extra quality which is preferred
Especially by Americans. it also makes a good cup from a press pot or cone filter apart
From espresso methods.

Italian roast is a most flavorful coffee from pacific and Latin America. It is darker than our normal roast. It is also a premier type in darker roast type of coffees. the beans are processed with natural oils which and is a blend of Latin and American origins. The name
Italian roast comes from the dark roasting style that is common in southern Italy where
Light coffee is preferred in northern Italy. It is one of the coffees recommended for espresso.

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This is a foremost b variety in signature blend type coffee. this is a worlds most favourite
Coffee blend. coffees used here are delicious with bitter sweet chocolate overtones enriched with complex flavors. This mocha chocolate tastes splendid when blended with
Hot chocolate.

This is the most traditional and flavorful coffee which are extracted from southern province of huila where we find huge traditional cofffe crops instead of new hybrids.
This is exclusively made for the traditional coffe lovers who seek a very good quality.
It has a sweet ,well rounded flavour.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Origin Of Coffee:

Coffee originated on the plateaus of central Ethiopia. By A.D. 1000, Ethiopian Arabs were collecting the fruits of the tree, which grew wild, and preparing a beverage from its beans. During the fifteenth century , traders transplanted wild coffee trees from Africa to southern Arabia. The eastern Arabs, the first to cultivate coffee, soon adopted the Ethiopian Arabs' practice of making a hot beverage from its ground, roasted beans.
The Arabs' liked the taste and their fondness for the drink spread rapidly along trade routes, and Venetians had been introduced to coffee by 1600 around. In Europe as in Arabia, church and state officials frequently proscribed the new drink coffee, identifying it with the often-liberal discussions conducted by coffee house habitués, but the institutions nonetheless proliferated, nowhere more so than in 17th century London. The first coffee house opened there in 1652, and a large number of such establishments(cafés) opened soon after on both the European continent(café word comes from the French term for coffee) and in North America, where they appeared in such Eastern cities as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia in the last decade of the seventeenth century.